Dichotomous Progression

We’re all dancing our dances, entranced by our own delusions of normalcy. Perhaps we’ve been dancing for so long, we’ve forgotten how to simply walk. Every social interaction outside of a computer screen devolving into small talk and regurgitated banter. God forbid we connect on an emotional level or share anything personal. How are you? Fine, good, thanks. Did you see the latest Game of Thrones? Maybe we can talk about this world of dragons and magic, and maybe it will provide us brief escape from how impersonal and cold we’ve become. But nothing changes.

We’re damning ourselves to a stunt in our evolutionary progression. The human race is coddled, lazy, and dependent on modern technology. Technology we mass produce all in the grand scheme of planned obsolescence, creating mindless product sponge consumers constantly ready for the next minor tweak. The next not even nearly life-changing innovation. Your old phone is garbage, outdated. This new phone, however… this is the phone of your dreams. You wake up, screaming and sweating thinking about the fantastic panorama photo option, or the fact that you can play angry birds with a screen that’s 3mm larger than your old one. You have to fucking have it, you can’t hold back any more and you buy it.

Three days later, the amazing piece of technology that you just signed 2 more years of your life away for already feels like a paper weight in your pocket. You feel empty and unfulfilled, because you spent all that money for something you use to look at funny animal videos while you’re shitting.

I can’t speak for mankind, but I can’t stand the idea of my legacy boiling down to trillions of terabytes of cat pictures and memes. Not to mention enough pornography to put any NSA mainframe to shame. We’re a generation raised on distraction, farmed and trained to obey the social constructs through fear and hate. We learn to squabble amongst ourselves while our faceless oppressors destroy any chance of actual freedom we might have.

When this civilization collapses we’ll be remembered by the data we leave behind. So write until your hands bleed and your personal use of paper is a primary contributor to deforestation. Write about nonsense, alternate universes and time travel. Write about the past, summarize your thoughts on the future. Describe in graphic detail just where on the doll he touched you, because you don’t get a second chance to get it all down.

I am not conservative nor liberal, and I don’t think Ron Paul is the greatest person ever. I’m something new. I’m not an extremist, but I will go to extreme lengths to preserve my freedom and happiness. I don’t need to hide behind a cause to fight, my reasons for discontent are more valid than political parties or public opinion. I don’t expect you to follow me, there are brighter minds saying the same things in better ways. I expect you to get mad, but damnit let’s get mad at the right people for once!

We’re starting to see the issues for what they are, rather than some bitter struggle against our fellow man that we’ve been indoctrinated into believing exists. We’re starting to wake up, and isn’t it beautiful? We’re the least homophobic, least racist, most intellectually advanced generation to date. Personally, I think that’s fantastic, but it’s up to us to harness that knowledge in a positive direction.


About Neuronomics

I don't know what to say here, I'm not proud of most of my (very much unfinished) work. Maybe some day I'll get there, for now I'm just trying to hold on to the memories.

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